Welcome to a World of soft and elegant Garments made with Love.

Asherah Soul Clothing is a collection which invites you into the remembrance of your true Blissful Self.

Saintly Dream

Saintly Dream

For our Soul

Every single Piece of Asherah Soul Clothing has been blessed in sacred Ceremony with the highest Intentions of Purity, Expansion, and Divinity.

Through that Blessing have those Pieces been raised into living light Clothing. The Intention with that is that each Garment as worn serves as an extension of the Auric field to assist the embodiment of Love and to feel held and nurtured within each moment.

You are the one who is carrying the Essence of Light, the Essence of all those Pieces within your Soul. The Clothing works purely as a Tool of remembrance to re-member you with your divine Self.

For our Planet

„It is not about what we do, but how we do it.“

By bringing the Consciousness of pure Love into all our deeds and actions we make Life sacred.

From Sourcing the highest quality Fabrics and Fair Trade Tailors to designing and producing, each step of this Collection has been done with so much Love, Awareness and Gratitude.

Our Fair Trade Production Team in India is lead by a Woman, which only chooses to work with the highest quality of Machines and Products and has a small number of Employees which are fairly paid and have a healthy work environment.

Furthermore, does she encourage the movement of Women’s Work by employing and Supporting Indian Woman and Mothers.

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