Asherah Atma Sananda is a transformational Healer, Medicine Woman, and Designer of an Ethical Clothing line.
Through her abilities as a Vessel of Source consciousness does she empower others to open up to the embodiment of the true divine nature.


As a result of a profound inner transformation experienced Asherah Atma a fundamental change in her life. The coming years after that were devoted to deepening this transformation as well as dedicated self-study and exploration of the human energy field, the DNAs potential and the nature of consciousness from a psychoanalytical and supernatural perspective.
Empowered by the teachings of great spiritual Masters, she has realized her true purpose and through the initiation of spiritual renunciation has she surrendered her will to Gods will and lives now in Union with Truth and purely of service to Source Consciousness.

Asherah Atma brings her Wisdom through Healing Sessions, Ceremonies and Dance. Through her Voice, the language of light and Sound Healing Instruments, she brings a beautiful divine feminine energy.

Her unique clothing line bridges higher dimensions of consciousness through the combination of Sacred Source Codes with beautiful designs.

Asherah brings authentic truth through the direct experience of life.
Her purpose is to assist the planetary awakening and to be a co-creator and server to the Divine Plan. She is highly influenced by shamanic practices, Yogic principles and the Star Councils of Light.

Her Vision is to assist the evolution of our planet and species into Unity Consciousness and through that bring forth the actualization of the Golden Aeon.