Sacred Codes

The Sacred Codes are living light geometries brought through in a space of deep meditation by an evolved Yogic Being.

These Sacred Codes of Aurora are here to remind us who we truly are and each one of them has its special purpose. In their new way of expression of these beautiful divine garments, they have become a physical manifestation of Energy which helps each individual who chooses to wear those pieces to come closer on the journey of returning home.

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Divine Blessings & Enjoy

Supreme Abundance

Supreme Abundance

Supreme Abundance is the realization of the overflowing and boundless nature that each one of us carries within. All manifestations of the universe are an infinite blossoming and bountiful expression of supreme abundance. Each one of us hold the key to embody and be embraced by this magnificent state of being. The sacred code of supreme abundance is an over lighting field of consciousness that accelerates the endless supply of your inner prosperity. As this sacred code unfolds along your spiritual path, it will also enrich the land and all of humanity.

Aurora Essence

Aurora Essence

Aurora is the etheric essence of all Creation that breathes living life force into the elements of our universe. These heavenly frequencies are bridging down into the divine human and all sentient life to transform our life code into its highest expression. The Aurora is the pure Presence of divine love and universal Source consciousness. As this magnificent geometry streams into your holy being, you will find yourself immersed in an ocean of bliss that will nurture your eternal spirit.



Involution is a spiritual process of absorbing light of one’s own auric field into the DNA to maintain high levels of consciousness. Through this state of consciousness, the aura begins to sustain the physical body with high stable frequencies of light intelligence. This process creates a release of rarefied hormones that flow throughout the DNA to advance its coding into an illuminated crystalline geometry. At such a stage, its is no longer possible for one to be drawn back into the lower frequencies for more than a brief period of time. As Involution is embodied one becomes sovereign and absorbed into their own light body.

Krystal Star Lotus Heart

Diamond High Heart

The realization of universal love is a Diamond light illumination at the place above the heart chakra, which is called the higher Heart. As the Heart Chakra brings forth a state of Unity with the feeling of love for another, the higher heart births forth the interconnected union ship to Source Consciousness. Imagine yourself being absorbed in a heavenly abode of a white diamond light shimmering through infinite petals of a lotus blooming inside you. Through the sparkling radiance, you feel the absolute touching the core of your being, the interdependency of all things up springs throughout your awareness, like a fountain of unconditional love.

Krystal Star Excalibur


The mystical legend of Excalibur The Excalibur Code of As is an Activator of the Land. It is used to clear and activate energetic points on the Earth Grid and helps the purification process of the Karma of the land. Excalibur assists to activate the kundalini of the earth and is a powerful tool for the ones which are of planetary service. It enhances the opening of portals within the earth and any work that is offered to the Songlines.

Krystal Star Server

Kryst Intelligence

The Krystic Intelligence code is the intelligence of our universe. It holds the blue print of the divine mind of all godly creation. As this geometry activates in our energy field it helps us to connect with our divine mind. This divine intelligence, which resides within each one of us, brings forth the realization of the interconnectedness of all life and activates the clear inner guidance of our higher self which assists us to follow our divine purpose. The krystic source is the higher self light geometry of this universe. It holds the blueprint of the divine mind.

Auroric Ascension

Aurora Lotus Crown

Through the emergence of the higher heart and higher mind, a sacred fusion into the krystic realms begins to manifest. This significant immersion is the inner ascension process of the rainbow body expanding into the cosmic body of Kryst. This infinite spectrum of light begins to particulate back to the core of source, to embrace the evolution of one’s consciousness. Reaching the peak of bliss uniting both the divine masculine and divine feminine into oneness of the true self. This is the inner Sacred Marriage back to the androgynous divine human. Through the blossoming of the higher heart into the higher mind, a lotus crown begins to ascend above the head, crystallizing the lotus crown with the heavenly jewels of Kryst. The lotus crown geometric helps to prepare for this holy marriage within, through absorbing the mind into the dimensions of absolute truth and through opening the heart into feeling the divinity of one’s supreme existence.

Aurora Orbs

The Orbs of Aurora

The Orbs of Aurora are higher dimensional beings that hold the coding for the divine human and the golden aeon of time. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity into their next evolutionary cycle. Within these spheres of auroric light resides the higher self of the earthly elements, which came to transcend the lower dimensions of separation into unity consciousness. In divine assistance do they bring spiritual growth to humanity at a personal and planetary level. These illuminated orbs of aurora can be called upon for spiritual purification, integration, and transformation.