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Sacred Egypt Journey Part 2


From the moment we arrived in Egypt through out our whole Initiation Journey we were treated like the Priests and Priestesses. We arrived in Cairo a couple of days earlier than the rest of the group and were abiding in an exquisite resort which reminded me to the Temples of the Pharaohs.
Not only that but we had a breathtaking View of the Pyramids, which we were about to visit soon.



Very early in the morning, on the day of the lion’s gate, we made our way to the great pyramid.
It was only 6 of us because the official Sacred Egypt Tour has not started yet.
We entered into the great pyramid and had the whole pyramid for ourselves. What a special and rare occasion on this powerful date.

After walking through the different chambers I reached the King Chamber. The energy felt calm and pure. I was guided to enter the sarcophagus and lie in there with my womb on the floor.
As I did that I felt a beautiful, embracing feeling. It felt like the sarcophagus was sucking me into the darkness of the soils of the mother.
I went deeper and deeper and found myself immersed in deep stillness. It felt like… I returned home. Inside the womb of mother earth. Embraced in silence, gentleness and pure darkness. I could not imagine myself ever leaving again, it was as there is no other place to be.
As I kept merging with the Darkness of the Earths Womb, I felt how she was purifying my womb to become one with her.
In that space, a majestic presence with beautiful open wings entered the field. Clearly, I saw the letters in front of me in golden writing… Maat.

She is the Goddess of Truth, Balance, and Justice. She was depicted to regulate the Stars, Seasons and the actions of mortals and deities.
The universe, the natural world, the state, and the individual were all seen as parts of the wider order generated by Maat.

I felt her ancient presence telepathically connecting to me. She started to transfer Egyptian coding into my womb and energy field. I saw the golden hieroglyphs streaming down.
I intuitively knew – It where all the codes that I needed for the whole Mission of Egypt.
The codes came in form of a Blessing and were meant to be for the whole group and for anyone in the matching frequency who I would meet on my pathway.
My heart opened in gratitude. I did not know then that she was going to become one of my teachers and initiators on my spiritual path.



A few days later the group started to come together and the Initiation Journey was about to start. The whole group was filled with beautiful, divine beings of light, everybody was truly a reflection of the amazing work that was lying ahead of us.

After a couple of days where we visited the museum and another temple, we embarked to Luxor.
Luxor means “the city of Palaces” and use to be the district of the Temples in old Egypt. The temples of Karnak and Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and many other beautiful archaeological sights are found there.

One of the Temples we visited there was the Temple of Hatshepsut. She was the first female Pharao and the most powerful in her time.
She was ruling her dynasty in a noble way. Very caring of the land and her people did she govern the country as she was bringing forth the energies of the divine feminine.

Already on the steps at the temple entrance were people starting to release and cry. The energy was very powerful but at the same time very gentle and inviting.



The whole group gathered around the temple altar and Tiara, Akasha and Christof were opening a ceremonial space and blessing to connect with the temple energies and timelines of Hatshepsut.
The energy started rising and many people were released in tears, through shaking and breaking open.
It was beautiful to witness how balanced the field was, some people were doing the work of releasing the energies and others were holding the field and holding space for the ones who were transmuting. It was one interconnected coherent field.
In that sense, no one is “better” or “worse” than the other but everyone has their role to play in the great service mission and divine group work.
How I experienced the energies of Hatshepsut was in a beautiful and gentle way. That gave me space to be there for people in the process and assist in holding the frequencies of the field.

One day before embarking on the Nile Cruise we made our way to the Temple of Dendarah Abydos, Hathors temple, the goddess of abundance, motherhood, love and joy.
It was one of the most beautiful temples and experiences for me in Egypt.
I did not know then, that it was going to change my life…

to be continued…

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