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Sacred Egypt Journey Part 3

Entering Dendera, the Hathor Temple was giving me tingles of bliss. I felt a soothing and gentle energy embracing me.

I was carrying a sacred Crystal which came to Akasha and myself, he was guiding me through the temple until I reached one of the small chambers where I was guided to immediately stop.
As I entered the chamber I closed my eyes… until I suddenly heard a voice, a guard standing next to me, calling me to a certain spot on the wall.
“Come, Come, Pray,” he said.

Usually, it is not allowed to pray, meditate, bring crystals or instruments or hold ceremonies in any of the temples because they are strongly controlled by the government. However, our group manifested to hold ceremony in every one of the temples and bring all our sacred items in.

When I looked at the guard I felt a deep sense of trust and a strong guidance to follow his instructions. I went to the spot he pointed out and put my forehead on the wall.
The guard placed his hands on my hips and told me how to breathe.
Usually, I am very protective of my energy field, especially with a random Egyptian man that I have never met before, but I kept hearing the strong guidance of just to trust, so I allowed everything to unfold.
I kept breathing and suddenly a strong rush of energy streamed through my whole body, I saw golden light entering the chamber.
It was one of the Hathors welcoming me back.
My Heart opened in gratitude and I felt my womb receiving multiple hieroglyphic codes.



After some minutes he looked at me and pointed in the next direction. I had to climb up a little ladder which took me into the next chamber. He told me to stay in there for 3 minutes.
I looked up and of course, a carving of Maat was right in front of me. I placed my forehead against hers and felt my arms turning into her wings as I opened them against the wall.
I felt the beautiful presence of the divine feminine. It was bringing so much humility and gratitude into my heart, it was as if I finally have met my Initiator again.
After some time being embraced by her beauty could I hear the voice of the guard calling me. It was time to go to the next portal.
We went upstairs and he opened a secret entry point on the floor. It was covered by a grid and he asked me to stand on it. I did and looked down, I saw a long pipe going until the bottom of the temple, it seemed like the spine of the temple. I looked up and there was a hole in the roof right on top of me.

The Guard took my hand and put me in a certain position on the grid. I felt a strong blue Lazor light piercing through me, coming through the opening of the roof, through the bottom of the temple, into the center of the earth. It felt as if it was coming from another star system. It was so strong and powerful that my body started shaking. The Guard told me to change position and as I did I started to feel stronger, to be able to hold this powerful frequency coming through. I turned into a vessel for this energy to burst through my body, there was no space for a thought, no space for anything else but the light. The Lazor was initiating me into my power as a vessel of source.


It was like the guard was bringing me to all the secret spots in the temple which were portals to help reactivate the temple and the energies of the divine feminine within this patriarchal era. I felt as I was chosen to help in this process of returning the energies of the divine feminine to the planet.
It felt big and overwhelming in a beautiful way. As I allowed this feeling to be true it started spreading through my whole energy field.
And with that, I started to see clearer. I had to leave everything behind and go out into the world. Spread everything that I had learned so far and spread all the codes that were coming to me on this trip in Egypt in different sacred places on the earth.
It was time to fully step into my mission as an empowered sovereign woman and wisdom keeper of all the ancient knowledge, the tribes, the Egyptians, the keepers of the earth.
My eyes were filled with tears and my heart felt so expansive and overwhelmingly open.
The crystal was holding space during all this time.
I did not know what this would mean for my relationship, what this would mean to my current life. All I knew was, that I had to keep following the guidance.

The guard looked at me and said very good, very powerful.
We went back down and as we arrived on the entry of the temple I saw how his face completely shifted. It was like he was a different person and I realized that it has been his higher self, guiding him all this time. I gave him some tips and left the temple.

After this experience we embarked the beautiful cruise ship on the Nile, it was a truly exquisite cruise with a beautiful pool deck, amazing food, spa and beautiful rooms with sunset view. As I said at the beginning, we were treated like the priests and priestesses throughout this whole Journey.



On the cruise and throughout the rest of the Journey I felt I was taken through a process of dissolving in order to fully step into my power. It was at times challenging and at times beautiful but it was a death cycle that I had to go through within myself.
I went through a stage of being very sick in which I had to fully go into a cocoon and surrender into the dissolving process.
It was a very powerful and interesting experience.

After many more beautiful and powerful temples and sacred sites, we visited, we finally returned to our “Palace” in Cairo, ready for the day of the Particle Convergence.



Wow, this morning was so powerful. We all entered the king’s chamber of the great Pyramid in silence. It was very early in the morning and we were the only ones permitted to enter the Pyramid at this time.

In the king’s chamber our facilitators Tiara, Akasha, and Christof opened a sacred field for the energies of the Particle Convergence to be received. We all joined with gentle Oming. The Oms started to get louder and louder and turned into celestial sounds and chants.
It became so strong that it felt like the whole Pyramid was vibrating.
I could see the whole earth totally remapping itself as our strong coherent field was sending light streams into the centre of the earth.
The trinity flame of the golden divine child, magenta divine masculine, and turquoise divine feminine rays were streaming through the chamber into the inner earth and spreading out from there.
It was a divine orchestra of sound, light, and sacredness.

I cant actually describe the potency of this group harmonic that was created that morning, and the effect that it was having on the universe goes beyond my understanding and any form of words.

I felt totally speechless after this experience. But I knew- we have made it. The work is done. I did not know what it entailed in its totality but it did not even matter because we do not always have to know.

And now all I can feel is so much Gratitude. For each being that heard the calling and came to be part of this mindblowing mission. For our inspirational facilitators which were allowing the field to go so deep.
For the Egyptian gods and goddesses which are working with us, always in synchronicity.

And for myself, allowing myself to surrender with the most respect and humility to the divine.
As I have heard the calling I accepted it, which means that I will go onto a Journey. Giving up the house we live in, giving up my life in Ibiza have I been called to go to the states and reconnect with the land there.
It is all about following the guidance from now on. Nothing less and Nothing more. Which I am so thankful for, it is such an amazing space to be in.

If you feel guided to join the continuing Sacred Egypt Tour in December 2018 you can receive more information about it here:
I won’t be part of it in physical form but my heart will be with each step of the Journey.

Love to all
Aho and Thank You

Asherah L. Sananda