Sacred Egypt – Preparation Part 1

The Sacred Egypt Preparation started around a month before we even left for Egypt.
Everything started to dissolve.
I just got back from assisting in the Amazon Jungle and it was time to anchor all the codes and realizations that I had received there, into my daily life back home.
So what was about to come was not only the preparation for Egypt but as well the integration of everything that has happened previously.

After a couple of weeks being home, I started to feel how things were not quite right within myself. I felt how many old patterns and reactional habits were returning to my field and I had to face them with acceptance and patience.
Interestingly they did not dissolve but went deeper and stronger and multiplied, it felt like I was experiencing every shadow and every emotion that has ever occurred in my life over again.

I allowed myself to fully fall into the imperience, through being a lot of time by myself in contemplation, in silence or through releasing a lot of tears without even knowing the reason for them.

Luckily I had the space to keep my morning meditation, which gave me a lot of support.
I was able to use this time for healings on myself and clear a lot of destructive energies, still yet after that, I would collapse again into the chaos of the vastness.
During all this time I saw how I reached the deepest layer of my ego. The reflection of my Father within my Inner Child. It was trembled by fear, anger and sadness.
As I went closer to it I could see how it was not only the inner child but the religious programming of the suppression of the entire feminine and the programming of patriarchal domination.

All the suffering that I experienced as a child and the suffering that so many other children and women experienced because of this deep programming revealed itself to me.
This was the core of my pain, my sacred wound.

And I knew there was only one way out – radical forgiveness.

This is not the forgiveness that we think in our mind or even feel within a moment in time, it is the returning to the innocent inner child and the memories of the imprinted traumas and forgiving from that space.
Forgiving from the deepest core of one’s being.
It can not be wanted or thought, it is a forgiveness that comes from a space beyond the mind.

I practised. Every morning. Every moment. As I asked for the Grace of God to help me to forgive. To forgive all the ones that did not know what they were doing. All the pain that has been engrained into our consciousness because of the patriarchal, all the freedom that has been taken from the inner divine feminine within so many of us. All the karma that it has brought to the land because of wars, because of fear, because of the separation of source, to Mother Earth. To forgive all the ones that have forgotten… and to forgive myself of course…








With that, I had to allow myself to truly take the time needed to embrace true forgiveness. Step by Step. Without judgment upon myself, without impatience but pure acceptance of my state of being and readiness to let go.

Egypt was coming closer and within myself, I knew that had to trust the unfoldment of the process and to trust that the needed inner stability for the big Journey ahead will return.

Only two days before embarking to Egypt I heard a Voice within myself. “The Intensity is over…It is truly your choice now what to choose, to raise yourself into who you truly are or to stay within the pain. It is your choice to forgive yourself.” With that message, I woke up and felt my heart gently opening. I felt slowly like myself again for the first time since weeks, which actually did seem like years.

I could observe myself from a higher perspective and saw how this experience was connected to my Saturn return and the dissolution of the lower chakras, anything that keeps me away from fully being my true self, from fully embracing the consciousness field of Sananda.

Because of that, I had to re-experience every emotion I ever felt, forgive and surrender into the dissolving of these old aspects of myself.

In order to receive all that was about to come in Egypt and hold space for the powerful energies of the particle convergence, I had to be prepared. I felt myself re-immersing of the Ashes …
And this was the beginning of my Initiation…

I was ready to return to Egypt.

to be continued…

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