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Sacred Knowledge of the Womb

Sacred Menstruation

In this Article Sacred Knowledge of the Womb, I would like to speak about the menstruation cycle. The menstruation cycle is one of the most sacred time in a month for a woman.

In this time we should really be present with our being and with our womb to listen to our needs and the transmission that she brings by offering her blood. It is about putting daily tasks, workload, heavy duty etc aside to come into the space of stillness and honor of the divine womb.
Because it is happening once a month many women see it as something normal and don’t pay a lot of attention to this time. Some even see it as a burden since it can bring up pain or discomfort.
Imagine if we would have our period only once a year.. would that change your perception and the way you treat yourself in that time because it is a rare occasion? Most likely it would. But truly why would we not allow ourselves to give a special time of honor to this sacred temple once a month, as divine timing has created it for us? Which activity, story, „thing to do“ can be more important than tuning in with our most natural self, the mother of all.



Why is this time so sacred?
In the time of the cycle, the womb is purifying and releasing old energies. Sometimes the womb works as a filter or transmuter of energies and through the cycle, all the work that she has done during the past month is been released and reset. Through that, she comes into a space of renewing herself and all cells co-create together in this occurrence of a new beginning. That is why the time of the cycle is a powerful time to set intentions of what want to be let go of but as well of what wants to be manifested.
If you can create the sacred space for yourself of presence and beingness your receptivity of womb manifestation will open up and you can directly communicate to your womb of what you want to create and she can communicate to you her needs in order to create that.
Remember that the womb is the force of life, the womb is where creations begins and ends as this is where we are created through only a cell. And this is where we return to after the physical dimension is left behind.

In order to come into that space of beingness and communication with your womb, you can treat yourself with sacred rituals. Baths and sacred anointments are a beautiful way of pampering yourself. Gently massaging your womb and possible sore spots with essential oils allow her to feel nourished and acknowledged. That is how she slowly starts opening up into the cosmic library of yourself.
You can play soft music and sit in meditation with candlelight, placing your hands on your womb and just intuitively listen to what comes through. The more we create space for her to open and honor her as the sacred mother the more is she going to grow and assist us in the process of the empowerment and truly embodying the divine feminine.



A beautiful way of giving back is to return our blood to mother earth. Through collecting it in a moon cup or free bleeding we can return all that we want to let go of and bless the land with our sacred fertile blood. It is a sign of rooting and re-merging with our beloved earth.
I have never drunk my blood but I do feel ready to try it since I have heard that it holds a lot of nutrition and vitamins and acts as a rejuvenation elixir of life.
I feel it is as well depending on where we are at in our process of purification and spiritual evolution.

If you experience acing pains or emotional breakdowns during your menstruation time, it is a sign that your womb is trying to communicate to you and asking you especially to take the space for the sacred rituals.
We are truly not meant to experience that kind of things during our cycle. We can have gentle and soft pains that feel comfortable and make us go into a more internal space but not heavy cramps.
The womb is a high intelligence and knows exactly what we need and she will communicate it to us in one way or another. If you can take the space of practice every cycle you will witness the change of your experience and you are going to witness the growth of relationship to your divine feminine.



If you feel highly emotional allow yourself to go into the spaces and breath with them. Sometimes these experiences can be deep purifications of many months of accumulated old energy and because we might not have been living in full integrity or purity it is expressed in those ways. So the more we come into balance with our way of living the more is this going to be reflected in the time of our menstruation. It is a beautiful set point to see where we are at in our evolutionary journey.

Allow yourself to step into the beauty of the sacred ritual of nurturing love and divinity. It is time, you are ready and you deserve it. <3

Love and Blessings for the most sacred time of the month and gratitude to the sacred cycles of nature which always work in coherence to bring all back into balance and harmony.

Namaste Beloveds,

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