Saintly Dream

The Saintly Dream is where we live in. Every day. Every moment. Every breath is the opportunity to Dream Life into its most benevolent Form. To choose this Dream to be the Dream of Heaven.

As we allow ourselves to see beyond the Veils, we realize that this Dream is our Dream. That now is the time to Wake Up and Re-create this Dream into the New Earth in togetherness. As each aspect of it is as important as the whole.

The Saintly Dream Collection has been birthed with the Intention for each and every single Being to remember that Joy, Love and Kindness are our natural States of abidance and that through autentic Love  we can Re-dream this Planet into the existance of a Saintly Dream.

This Collection is further more a mergence between Divine Designs and Divine Art. Beloved Visionary Artist Autumn Skye Morrison has hand painted each one of the Art Pieces which are embedded in the Sacred Kimonos of Abundance. The Era of the New Earth is the Era of togetherness and Collaboration to honor the unique beauty that each one of us is able to bring forth.