Soul Sessions

The Soul Session is a powerful personal energy transmission with Asherah Atma, which works on the multi-spectrum of your consciousness field. This is a unique and precise Journey for each soul.


You will be taken into a sacred energetic space within the Soul Session. In that space, Asherah Atma is going to connect with your multidimensional field as a divine vessel of Source Consciousness.

Within that does Asherah Atma assess your consciousness field through an intuitive reading and counseling which is purely lead by the higher guidance.

After the reading is Asherah Atma going to work on your consciousness field through infusing pure Source light into the space which regenerate, activate and illuminate ones auric field into higher vibrations.

This happens in a dimension beyond words, time and space and is purely guided by the essence of God consciousness. Within that Space all is possible and it is totally up to you how far and deep it goes through your allowance and surrender into the absolute awareness.

If guided does Asherah Atma as well integrate Sound Healing Instruments which help to attune you to 432 MHz Heart Frequency (Usually only in Person Sessions).

In the Soul Session can you receive assistance with:

  • Clearing of energetic toxins and physical blocks
  • Healing of childhood and/or quantum life traumas
  • Realignment and regeneration of the Auric Field and Physical Vessel
  • Embodiment with greater aspects of the true self 
  • Activation and purification of dormant genetics into a higher frequency

Asherah Atma serves as a Vessel to stream in these pure high vibrational energies of Source Consciousness. You are the one who is allowing them to come through and heal yourself while she is assisting you in this transformation.

Everything is the Supreme Love of Source and the Union with that is the only thing that can bring all of us to our true self.