• “Each one of these beautiful scared robes will lend themselves to your joyful progress. Acting as a backdrop to one’s forward reach, each encoded robe in its own way has a subtle influence between the Bio Energy Field and the physical body which opens our energetics to receive more clarity during the meditative state allowing for a greater expansion of the revelatory notion of creation from the space of realizing that ‘all that is’ is the reality of ‘all of us’ as individual aspects in one body acting as a whole.“  Blessings, Cecilia

    Cecilia Nasca
  • I had the opportunity to try on many garments from  Asherah Soul Clothing.It was when I tried on the high heart dress that I knew this piece was for me.I transcended into the goddess that lies within. I embodied femininity and I walked with Grace. I felt empowered wearing this garment, standing taller. I had a knowing within of my divine presence. My being radiates wearing this dress. These garments are made of the highest quality fabric which feels amazing against my body. My deepest gratitude to Asherah for creating such amazing pieces.

  • I am honored to own a piece of the Aurora Avatar Collection by Asherah Soul Clothing. The blessing of first enrobement with the Mary Magdalene Supreme Abundance Garment instantaneously bestowed the palpability of it’s essence with me!  I felt as if I was coming Home to a greater sense of the meaning, bathed in the Aurora Frequencies and imbued with qualities of my Higher self streaming down, all at once, and in a gentle, graceful flow.  I was called to be a Caretaker of one of these embodiments of the Codes even before it was released but had no concept of just how potent and pure they are…  Thank you so much Dear Sister Asherah Lyra Sananda!

  • I treasure the robe as a sacred extension of myself–wearing it on particular occasions with intention. It is a beautiful reflection of many aspects particular to my experience.

    Anita Sananda
  • I love Asherah Soul Clothing! I bought 2 pieces last year from her previous collection and 1 this year from her new collection. I purchased the Kuan Yin Ascension Lotus garment this year. The silk garment is soft and the quality of work on this garment is absolutely beautiful including the colors used.

    I’ve been wearing my garment while sleeping lately because I can feel the calming energy of the code embedded into this garment. I normally wear this on special occasions but found I really needed it for sleep. Work and life has been extra stressful lately compounded by the lack of restful sleep, so I started wearing this garment to sleep.  I would wake up feeling a sense of calmness, light and loving energy that’s surrounding me.

    There’s a certain energy this garment radiates with the code embedded in it and it has helped me stay calm in the eye of the storm. I absolutely love it and can feel the loving energy around me and supporting me. I am currently looking at purchasing another garment from Asherah to add to my collection. I love the high quality of workmanship she puts into every single garment.

    Helen Cheng
  • I have the Supreme Abundance piece.

    Each time I put it on I feel that I transcend into a different form of sovereignty, grounding and power. I notice that my physical body stands much taller and broader, both up and outward. I notice in my energy, I feel unstoppable and fully aligned in my Divinity and I AM presence. It just feels so good and comforting to put on the Supreme Abundance piece. I feel other lifetimes come thru, my true divine nature come thru and more accessible to the Ascended Masters.

  • I put the St Germain Violet Flame on me just now and it is a presence on its own I feel the violate ray penetrating me there is great energy in it. When I got it I felt it was specially made for me, my friends from said you now look like a wizard , and I replied I am a wizard.

    Estrea Kumba


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