The Truth about the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the second largest toxic and harmful industry for the planet, right after petroleum. I actually wrote my thesis about fair trade fashion in 2009 when I graduated from university.

There did I gather a lot of proof and facts about the harm that this industry creates on all levels of the supply chain. I would like to just share a couple of those with you.

The dying process for example. The province Xintang in the south of China is entirely dedicated to the “blue” of the jeans for most famous brands as well as no-name products. This place is aswell called “the capital of the Blue Jeans”. The province is completely dead from all of nature since the colouring process is so toxic that it kills any life in the area around it and the drinking water is highly toxic because of all the chemicals that are released into the waters. Many of the workers who are doing the labour got serious health issues that would lead to death.

Uzbekistan is one of the main cotton producers in the world. The water that is used for the crops is taken from the aral sea, which has now great areas of dessert and unfertail soil and is overflooded with pesticides. 20.000 people die yearly because of the intoxication of pesticides from the cotton crops.

I don’t want to go into child labour and the very poor working conditions which are still very present in many big textile companies, since I feel/hope that is something which is quite known already.

This is really just a small porcentage of the research I did.

Now, what can we do about it? Well .. WE are the ones that can bring the CHANGE.

Let’s just think back 10 years ago… hardly anyone knew what a plant-based diet was and organic products would be a super niche.

Now are their vegan restaurants everywhere, all supermarkets have organic sections and many makeup and cosmetic brands bring out cruelty-free and organic lines of good quality!
I feel the sustainable clothing industry is slowly but surely catching up. Of course, what we put in our body affects us more than what we wear, but truly the super chemical dying process is as well very toxic for our skin and does provoke skin cancer.

So the more we demand organic the more is going to appear. We are the ones creating the market. The more we raise awareness about all those facts the more do people choose the greenway. It’s the least we can do for our beloved Mother Earth.

I have chosen… Asherah Soul Clothing goes Green! My coming collection will be a mix of sustainable fibres that are quite new on the market like rose petal, eucalyptus, hemp, organic cotton…. and all the colouring will be made out of veg dye.
I feel so committed to this that I as well don’t even want to buy non-organic clothing anymore and focusing on getting my entire wardrobe organic.

And I envision to make a line of basics in the future that will bring leggings, shirts, comfy yoga or home wear so that we can be all green all the time … how amazing would that feel?
It’s my dream and vision for Mother Earth.

If you have not seen yet I have created a fundraising campaign to support this change of Asherah soul clothing going fully green. Since this is a high investment to start with. But I believe we can do it!

You can find my campaign and a beautiful video with the vision in my previous post and under Indiegogo – ASC

If you do feel inspired by this movement and want to be part of it, please contribute and please share! So that this can expand and reach many many souls.

Thank you for all the support

All my love