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Union Mystica into Trinity

– the Birth of the Divine Child through the Divine Marriage within –

Within the Symbolic realm can we find beautiful expressions of the Divine Union – Shiva and Shakti, Rama and Krishna, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. All those archetypes represent the perfect union of divine realization, of the inner twin flame and the coming to Union Mystica into Trinity within.

Mistaken by many can it become an externalized projection of separate love and seeking, through that does the purity of the representation of those archetypes get lost.
When one comes to the understanding of what the twin flame truly means, the seeking for the other and the seeking for the answer can finally come to an end.
This is when the seeker marries the seeking, when the questioner marries the question, when the beloved marries love and dissolves into the eternal presence.



It is the marriage of our inner divine masculine with our inner divine feminine.
When these two aspects of ourselves can be fully purified from the conditioning of society, from the conditioning of our parents, which are the representations of our inner masculine and feminine before coming into divinity, and from all externalization, only then can this inner marriage occur. It will occur naturally and in the perfect timing of Gods choice and grace.
We can be working towards it by doing our inner work, though the process itself is a very sacred inner alchemical occurrence which can not happen through doing but only through surrender and trust that it will be done by God in the perfect timing.

We can prepare and train ourselves for this beautiful and holy marriage through continuous practice and awareness of what the divine masculine and the divine feminine truly represent.

The divine masculine is the strong vertical pillar of light.
It is strength and power, a power that can only be experienced as pure power when one is receiving it from the purest space and no agenda, otherwise it is going to express itself as fears, anxieties or other lower vibrational emotions that have to be released in order to be able to be a vessel for that power to flow through effortlessly.


The Divine Masculine is as well the energy of discernment and discipline of knowing what to choose in life and of being able to hold presence and inner awareness. Being able to hold ourselves within the center and not get distracted by external seductions.
Through that can we become the masters of our mind and our actions and prevent the acting out and the creation of more karma for ourselves.
The more we practice the discernment of always choosing God before momentary pleasure, always choosing the vertical connection first, the more it will become our natural state and what first might seem challenging and limiting for the conditioned mind will turn into the realization of inner freedom through the state of desirelessness.

Through that can we choose to stand in our power and always come from a space of truth even though it might be uncomfortable or challenging in some situations.

The Divine Masculine is the Stillness, the Purity of the never changing inner Presence, the inner core of Truth – Sat.
This inner Strength is then making space for the true rising of the Divine Feminine, that rising that so many beings are talking about and the rising of the Golden Age.

When the inner masculine vertical light pillar is fully established, the divine feminine shakti energy can spiral up around the light pillar and bring the flowing, loving, always changing and always moving life energy. She can then flourish into her most radiant and most beautiful expression of divine love, joy and compassion.
This is the practice of always choosing unconditional love. Whatever happens to us, whatever a perceived other does or does not… we may always choose love first.

Unconditional love is the shortcut out of all of suffering. There are many ways to work with our pain and suffering but if we can choose to surrender into love we will be held by the divine feminine, by the divine mother.
Through always choosing love and realizing that all that we experience is a blessing of God can we come into total surrender to life.
We become that Love, that purest expression of the Divine Feminine which allows us to flow with the waters of Gods current as they come.

By practicing that surrender and trust we than open ourselves to come to the inner Divine Marriage. The merging of the inner Divine Masculine and the inner Divine Feminine which than rises into true Divine Love and becomes Supreme Love.
The Supreme Love for all of life. The Love which does not deviate anymore, which does not see anything different to itself anymore. This is Love is the birthing of the Divine Child.

Through the eyes of the Divine Child does Life become a magical fairytale of wonderment and beauty of becoming the Divine Child of Mother-Father God, but as well the beloved of that God-self within.
Life is realized as pure Joy. All is innocent Beauty. This is the true awakening out of the Dream of Maya and through that do we come into total wholeness with all of life.

The external and internal become one, all polarities become one, yin and yang become one. This is the space where we can finally rest in peace.
This is the space where the inner trinity is embodied.

Within that embodiment of the Homo Divinos is the inner Divine Masculine the light pillar to hold space and to hold the frequency for the divine feminine to continuously express herself by bringing forth the magic, wonderment, bliss and Divine Love for all of life.
The truth of the Twin Flame and the Divine Trinity is realized through that ultimate Internalization.

The seeker has dissolved into the Journey. The Dreamer and the Dream are one.
It is the Awakening out of the Dream of separation into the Dream of Play, Innocence and Unity.

Within that is all God.

Asherah Atma Sananda

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